About Me

Personal Interests

I grew up in Canada and went to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Previously I have lived in Burlington Vermont, Rochester Minnesota, and Raleigh North Carolina, before moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan. I like skiing, hiking, and most of all fishing. Below are some pictures from some recent fishing trips (all of the fish were successfully released!). I’m also fascinated by zombies, and my favorite TV show is “Walking Dead”, followed closely by “Fear: The Walking Dead”. I have even developed a number of examples of the use of operations research models motivated by zombies for the classes I teach!

Here’s a recent picture of a smallmouth bass I caught fly fishing on a river in Canada.

smallmouth bass


This is a picture from a fishing trip on Falls Lake, about 10 minutes from where I used to live in Raleigh, NC (I’m holding an 8lb Largemouth Bass). They get a lot bigger down south!

False Albacore

This is a picture of me holding a 12 lb False Albacore I caught on a fishing trip at North Carolina’s outer banks near Morehead City. These are high speed fish that are fun to catch on a fly rod!