Selected Presentations

  1. Stochastic Optimization for Scheduling in Healthcare Delivery Systems,”  Optimization Days, Plenary, Montreal, 2017
  2. Optimization of Healthcare Delivery Systems,” Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society, Keynote, Morocco, April, 2017
  3. “Robust Optimal Control for Medical Treatment Decisions–An Application to Type 2 Diabetes,” Georgia Tech, 2016
  4. “Markov Decision Processes for Chronic Diseases,” Modeling Health and Economic Outcomes Research, University of Michigan, 2016
  5. “Using Markov Models to Estimate the Impact of New Prostate Cancer Biomarkers,” Cancer Surveillance and Outcomes Research Seminar, University of Michigan, 2016
  6. “Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers,” University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, 2015
  7. “Optimal Design of Biomarker-Based Screening Strategies for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer,” University of California, Berkley, CA, 2014 
  8. “Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers,” IFORS Conference, Barcelona, Spain 2014 
  9. “Operations Research in Medicine: Past, Present and Future,” INFORMS Michigan Chapter, 2014 
  10. “Online Scheduling of Outpatient Procedure Centers,” McGill University, Montreal, Canada,  2013 
  11. Plenary Talk, Conference on Modeling and Optimization: Theory and Applications (MOPTA), “Optimization
    of Planning and Scheduling of Health Care Delivery Systems,” Lehigh University, PA, 2013 
  12. “Stochastic Programming Models for Optimization of Surgery Delivery Systems,” Tsukuba University, Japan, 2013 
  13. “Optimization of Surgery Delivery Systems,” Tsinghua University, 2012 
  14. “Optimization of On-line Appointment Scheduling,” Tsinghua University, 2012 
  15. “Optimization of Scheduling for Appointment Based Healthcare Delivery Systems,” University of Ottawa, 2011 
  16. “Optimization of Online Appointment Scheduling,” INFORMS Healthcare Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2011 
  17. “Health Systems Engineering: Methods for Optimizing Healthcare Delivery,” IBM University Day, Raleigh, NC, 2011 
  18. “Tutorial on Optimization in Medicine,” Mayo Clinic Systems Engineering and Operations Research Conference, Rochester, MN, 2010 
  19. “Intensification at a Cost: Where is the Biggest Bang for the Buck?,” American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, 2010 
  20. “Operational Performance of Endoscopy Suites,” Ambulatory Endoscopy Day, Toronto, 2010 
  21. “Optimization of Health Care Delivery Systems,” NC State University, 2009 
  22. “Optimization of Medical Treatment Decisions for Type 2 Diabetes,” University of Ottawa, 2009 
  23. “Optimization of Surgery Delivery Systems,” University of Michigan, 2009 
  24. “Building a Health Systems Engineering Infrastructure,” Mayo Clinic, 2009 
  25. “Career Award Advice,” NC State University, 2009 
  26. “Optimal Location of Chempacks,” NC State University, 2009 
  27. “Systems Engineering Methods for Improving Patient Access to Care,” Mayo Clinic, 2008